lexehloo asked:

HELLO. I am very glad to have found your page, because you are a very good artist!! ^^ I like looking through your drawings, they are all very good and they inspire me to start drawing more!! :) I hope you have a wonderful day!!! (I don't like milk either, ewww)

HEY, you have no idea how much it means to me to hear that!! ;;u;;
Thank you lots, and I’m very glad I’ve inspired you to draw more!
When I’m stuck at what to draw, I often draw myself actually - because then it doesn’t matter how ugly it turns out, haha! It feels like I have to make it pretty if I draw someone / something else, so it’s easier that way x3
Hope you’re having a wonderful day as well! And keep drawing more of whatever you like! <3

Hello, all my super cool followers!! I never had the chance to thank you all (um, well I did have the chance, I’m just being slow! :c ) for your nice comments and reblogs and everything, so thanks to all old- and new followers! I really appreciate it, it makes me really happy to see you enjoy my art so. Honest!

A couple of you have mentioned that you’d wish the cat drawings were printed on mugs and such, and so I decided to put them up on my fresh new Society6 shop
I hope you enjoy the little kittycups, ( + the rest of the products there), and if you’d like them in an other color, don’t hesitate to ask me - I’ll do my best to fix it for you ^u^

Thank you all, for being who you are!!

Anonymous asked:

YOU ARE A VERY COOL PERSON *hides* omg and your art is really great and the kittens were adorable and the dog was spot on and aaahhhh * 3 * I saw you followed me and now I'm smiling like crazy and I fell of my chair aaand yeah ; u ;

Ohmygosh, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ;;//A//;; You’re too kind to me, aaaaa!
Well, if I’m following you, there’s probably for a great good reason!! ;3 Stay awesome, ok!!


happymonsters asked:

Just stumbled upon your valentine kittens, I kind of wish they WERE printed on mugs (or other products) and sold! They're amazing, I want one so bad x-x I bet if they were sold they'd sell like mad haha

Oh wow, thank you!! *blush* It sure makes me happy to hear you saying that! :D 
I DO in fact have a Society6 store, I just haven’t put anything out there…. The thought hit me, but I thought ‘eeh, no one will probably buy them anyway’, so I sorta forgot about it… Maybe I’ll put them up there this time, though! Thank you so much!! ^u^

guah, you guys must be sooo tired of my lame cat puns by now

d00dlen00dle asked:

this is kind of just a shot in the dark but would you perhaps mind if i put one of your kitty valentines on a mug? it wouldn't be for sale or anything just for personal use and such haha. if you're not okay with it, i understand!! just figured it'd be hella better to ask then do it without consent uvu

ohmygosh, OF COURSE you can, I’d be honored to!! >u< If it’s for personal use, I don’t mind! I’d love to see the result, though, if you don’t mind? *u* I’m happy you enjoyed it so much!! <3