Pixel Art Tutorial


This tutorial was created in 2007 for my personal website. Some small tweaks have been made since then, but nothing too significant.

In this 10-step tutorial, I’ll teach you how to create a “sprite”, which is a stand-alone two-dimensional character or object. The term comes from video games, of course.

Creating pixel art is a skill I picked up because I needed graphics for my games. After a lot of practice, I became kinda handy with it, and started to see it more as actual art rather than just a tool. These days, pixel art is quite popular in game development and illustration.

This pixel tutorial was created many years ago to teach people the basic concepts behind pixel art, but I’ve streamlined it a lot since its first incarnation. There are other pixel tutorials around, but I find them to be overly-complicated and too wordy. Pixel art is not a science. You should never have to calculate a vector when doing pixel art.

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Anonymous asked:

Hi :)) I saw you at Desucon (and your awesome art/tote bags), so I was wondering how you did this print thingy on those tote bags? Because I would maybe like to sell something like that + other things on the next Desucon or somethingg (ノ^▽^)ノ*:・゚✧

Hellooo, my fellow Desucon-er! :D I’m sorry to say I don’t remember you from your fancy shades there, but I’m sure it was really nice meeting you (as it was nice meeting everyone who stopped by)!! Hope you had a great time, though!!

Actually, the answer to your question is ridiculously simple - I wish I could answer you in a super cool way, but all I need to say is these three words:
T-shirt Transfer Paper

You can buy them in stores like Staples and stuff, however I would recommend buying them online - THEY’RE SO MUCH CHEAPER!!! Σ(゜ロ゜; )
Also, of course, you need tote bags to print them on! (You can buy them at Søstrene Grene in our case, they’re cheap and nice ;3) Last but not least - an iron and a printer.

On another note, I didn’t make all the tote bags myself - two of the designs were made by the amazing luzetteonthemoon!! *u*

Sorry for a super lame answer, but at least they were fun making!! I would love to see how your tote bags comes out next year!! *throws sprinkles at* Have fuuun (which is always the most important thing)!